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original medicare won't. now they can keep making memories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include prescription drug coverage with your monthly premium. get the freedom to keep the doctors you already trust. if you're eligible for medicare we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. you only have until december 7th to enroll. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. new information just in own robberies aimed at toll takers on a bay area bridge.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. highway patrol announced suspects are in custody accused of robbing toll takers on the carquinez bridge. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: they just announced three suspects are in custody for the crime spree that began in the fall last year to the spring of this year all suspects from vallejo. this happened carquinez bridge toll chp says the three in custody would drive up to the booths, usually show weapons, demand money and off they would go. complicating the investigation they wore ski masks and driving stolen cars. i asked how they found the suspects? >> it has been a year and a half long investigation. i work with vallejo police and figured out who were the car thiefs in vallejo and figured out who was who and we had evidence and the evidence was
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submitted and went from there. >> reporter: the three men are 30-year-old chris miller, 43-year-old robert white, 47-year-old david morales, tied to three of the 10 robberies that occurred. the entire 10 robberies netted $ ,000. according -- netted $6,000. according to the investigators, more arrests are expected. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. new information on homicide investigation in the east bay, a story we brought you last night at 11. sheriff investigators responded to i-680 on-ramp at concord avenue they found 47-year-old man who died at the scene. the sheriff's office says they have a suspect in custody. 38-year-old james reilly is being held on one million dollars bail. no word on how man died.
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new information this morning on fatal san francisco fire investigators tell abc7 news the victim was a woman in her 60s. the fire started 8:30 last night on st. charles avenue in ingleside heights they found the woman's body on the second floor flames burned through the garage and up from there the fire is not believed to have been suspicion. oakland police looking for a hit-and-run driver, a woman who hit a formed officer and the car took off. it happened behind the oakland police station midnight. the lieutenant was in the crosswalk when he was hit. when the light turned green the woman started through the intersection, knocking him on to the hood of her car. the officer suffered bumps and bruises. car crash into a fire hydrant forced closure of on-ramp to the bay bridge in san francisco this morning water rushed into the street
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near second and folsom and may have compromised the stability of nearby scaffolding. the driver is in custody. essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge will open a few hours later. local fishing boats tied up instead of collecting a delicacy, result of a price war. some crab are still being snatched out of the water. local fishermen are feeling steamed. amy hollyfield is live with details. >> reporter: good morning you can see the san francisco boats behind me tied up, no movement from them today. the blue and gold boat is causing problems. during a wrinkle into the local negotiations. san francisco crab fishermen sat and watched this morning as a load of crab came in on a boat visiting from oregon. >> when we tie-up we hope we all stan together so we can
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get a price that is -- all stand together so we can get a price that is fair to everybody. when you see somebody doing something like this it does hurt. >> reporter: the san francisco crews have decided not to fish since the price of crab dropped they were getting $3 a upon before thanksgiving now $2.75. the owner of the visit ing -- visiting boat says he has a business to run. >> if you are not from town and fish you are a no good sob. >> reporter: he pulled in crab worth $100,000. he's getting $3.25, all going to canada. the san francisco guys are not sure how this will impact negotiations. >> it is not good, it does hurt to see a few select guys fishing and everybody else is tied up. >> we have [ inaudible ] every year it is a big fight.
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>> reporter: while negotiations continue, locally, no crab here. i checked with the restaurant here on the wharf, no crab. local stores don't have it either. they all think they will have it by monday because the season is scheduled to be opening in northern washington this weekend. on the 15th along the northern coast the season is going to be opening, so you will be getting crab again, maybe sooner if the local fishermen negotiate and settle on a price. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we want to know what you think. should oregon fishermen honor the crab strike by bay area fishermen? we are already getting interesting comments. let us know how you feel at this afternoon the 49ers' new stadium will reach a milestone crews will erect the steel he beams, prior to that
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the ceo york and other dignataries will hold a ceremony. bear the signature -- the two beams painted gold will bear the signatures of construction workers 49 and santa clara city leaders. the work began in july. the stadium remains on schedule. the raiders are in the spotlight tonight when they take on manning at thecoliseum n abc 7. sky 7 hd shows you the scene above the coliseum, kick-5:20 tonight. kira klapper joins us live from oakland. you see fans getting ready to tailgate yet? >> reporter: oh yes. good morning. they are ready. kickoff 5:20. the parking lot gates don't open until noon, fans were allowed to start lining cars up at 10. they sure did.
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video we shot less than an hour ago, more than 20 cars had lined coliseum way and the party had begun. some skipped work and school, one flew from san diego taking advantage of today's festivities. they all told me they missed the days when they could camp out the day before the game. i had to ask, the raider nation is letting the 3-9 record get in the way. >> several years ago they used to let us be here saturdays. of course nfl always changes rules now we get here -- they took it all away. no more staying the night i started friday night with my son and they took it all away. >> we drove four hours we come from bakersfield. >> the record isn't that great now, what do you do?
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>> it doesn't matter, win, lose or tie. >> reporter: dedicated fans. to get into the coliseum they can get in at 3:00, kickoff at 5:20. there's a push to get fans in their seats early, it is called early in and you may win. fans who have tickets scanned an hour before kickoff can win anything from signed hall of fame merchandise to field passes. definitely an incentive to get in early. kira klapper, abc7 news. raiders day was kicked off to a flying start at a favorite fan hot spot this morning, 4:00 this morning rocky's in san leandro just packed with raider fans revving up for the game. they cannot wait to go from breakfast griddle to the gridiron this afternoon, including this couple who really love the raiders and credit them for a special connection. >> we met at a raider game for
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the first time, love at first sight. >> reporter: you moved up here for him and the raiders, now you are getting married? >> she moved here for the raiders and me. [ laughing ] >> ricky's is usually closed that early in the morning today a special day. >> our game day coverage begins today at 4:00, with larry biel hosting a special pregame show. lincoln kennedy and rod woodson will join us for that. at 5, coverage of the game begins. after larry, lincoln and rod will be back with after the game. then it is abc programming: >> special edition of abc7 news at midknight. >> we have more for you here now. the -- the royal family talks following kate middleton's release from a london
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abc news has learned john mcafee will be deported to belize a day after he was arrested in guatemala for entering that country
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illegally. abc news spoke with him before he was put into a police car last night. the 67-year-old was hoping the guatemalan government would grant him asylum. now he will be headed back to belize where he's wanted for questioning in the november murder of his neighbor. >> you nor any of your associates shoot him? >> for what reason? he's my neighbor. >> former software mogul says he went underground because he's convinced police in belize want him dead. mcafee managed to evade authorities for weeks by wearing costumes and changing his appearance. apple's ceo says the company will begin manufacturing one of is computers in the u.s. apple plan to spend more than 100 million dollars building mac computers. cook says apple has a responsibility to create jobs but didn't say where in the
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u.s. this manufacturing will take place. apple manufactured and assembled many products in the u.s. until the late 90s. meteorologist mike nicco ahead -- four storms are gone, pattern is changing, sunshine, you can see it breaking out as we look from emeryville towards san francisco, we'll talk about how warm it is going to be in the afternoons where you can expect fog the next couple of mornings and your raiders' forecast. the duchess of cambridge walked out of a hospital today. here what prince charles had here what prince charles had to say this people are stuck in very old habits
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than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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new morning after three days and three nights in a london hospital the duchess of cambridge is now resting at kensington palace. she walked out smiling and waving. her husband prince william by her side. she was being treated for a severe form of morning sickness. the royal couple thanked hospital staff for their care. today we are hearing from prince charles about the pregnancy. >> i'm thrilled, -- splendid.
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>> it has been a frenzied few days since the royal couple went public with their pregnancy. william will be attending a military awards ceremony alone this weekend -- they are both wearing blue, will and kate. not sure if that is a hint of anything. >> happen to be in the rotation, maybe. yellow flowers. >> a lot of people are -- [ talking over each other ] let's look outside and show what is going on. check out the hole in our cloud deck almost on cue getting towards that noon lunch hour we talked about clouds would start breaking apart and the sun would start shining through, also from mount tamalpais this morning where the winds have calmed a
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little we want the winds to pick up a little so they can start thinning this moisture and bringing more sunshine. you will not need wet weather gear for a long time. we have had sev unusual weather. now it is over and you can see on live doppler, down to san jose, san francisco to livermore, we are dry right now. biggest threat fog, you can see it in the central valley a lot of tule fog some may try to slip into our neighborhoods the next couple of mornings. other than that mid to upper 50s, mild as you are stepping out for lunch hour mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. increasing sunshine, more fog, cooler conditions the next couple of nights afternoons mild and dry through the weekend. putting 60s on the map today, low to mid 60s from 60 in
11:51 am
san francisco to 63 in fremont, a few upper 50s coast, clear lake, cloverdale and ukiah. monterey bay low 60s low to mid 60s inland. you may have a few more clouds during the afternoon. tailgate to football, starting to let 'em in, in 40 minutes into the parking lot, you can see the clearing sky oakland 56, brighter 3:00, nice weather to be tailgating 58°, 5:20 kickoff and 56 does for 50° by the time the -- dress for 50° by the time the game ends. 50 tonight in san francisco everybody else in the 40s. greatest amount of fog in the central valley. some of that could leak into our neighborhoods watch out for variable conditions tomorrow morning. could be patchy fog here and there. here's the high pressure building behind the cold front, storm systems staying to the
11:52 am
north, 10 to 14 days without rain, is what we are going to have. if you have outdoor activities, baseball this weekend, soccer, want to put decoration out, the ground is still going to be wet but it won't be raining. friday low 60s, start to creep into the mid 60s saturday, most of news the mid 60s sunday, low to mid 60s monday, tuesday and wednesday. time to relax. >> take a deep breath and dry out. >> absolutely. still ahead, take a trip back in time. >> christmas event taking visitors to victorian london. and other bay area events
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a lot going on this weekend including a trip to the past and a holiday jam to help the hungry. >> don sanchez has a look at what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ coming up at 3 on katie, life after murder. how people carry on after learning the people they loved
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were not who they seemed. then, join us for raiders day on abc7, celebrating 50 years of being fabulous! plus lya forever there are no fans like raider fans meet the man behind the gorilla mask. join us at 4:00 this afternoon. one final look at your game time temperature. >> in the 50s, really comfortable to be out there with all your crazy friends. we head up into the high country check out some of that new snow. some of the reports three feet at some of the highest elevations good skiing even though not all the resources are open yet. back home reflection on the bay waters of the new part of the bay bridge there the look cool?an, doesn't that the clouds are starting to dissipate. live doppler showing dry everywhere now. that is good news that the storm track is away and it
11:58 am
will stay away for a while. temperatures cool at night, should be in the 30s and 40s should also be in the 50s and 60s looks like early december weather is winning out. >> about time. thank you. for all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> who wants to ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare plan that pays for some costs original medicare won't. now they can keep making memories for years to come. choose from plans offering protection from high out of pocket costs plus include prescription drug coverage with your monthly premium. get the freedom to keep the doctors you already trust. if you're eligible for medicare
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